Modernised Websites

Here are a few examples of websites we have worked on to modernise them, making them more functional, easier to use and navigate whilst improving the overall appearance.


Modern, responsive website design

Re-vamping and modernising websites is a large part of our business here at One Step Design. Over the years you may find that your website is starting to look dated and less modern or sleek (for want of a better word), this is due to the fact the web design industry is constantly moving forward with new technologies for making it easier for your visitors to interact with your website.

We have some clients who over the years spent with us have re-done their website five or six times to keep up with the latest trends, keeping their website modern and fresh for the visitor.

Part of the reason for modernising your website is pure vanity, wanting it to look and function the best it can, however another reason to have your site professionally surveyed is to make sure that it is compatible with all current browsers and devices, from mobile phones to 30inch screens. Having a website that can be seen and used whilst remaining easy to use and functional is important … why limit your target audience?


Gorseinon Eye Centre Old New
Manual Gearbox Repairs Old New
Gavin Electrical Old New
Something Financial Old New
Just Jennys Flowers Old New
KHL Logistics Old New
KJ Hire Old New
HR Harris & Partners Old New
Bater & Stout Opticians Old New
Cambrian Boats Old New
MA Hartley Roofing Old New
Hornbill Engineering Old New
Patricks with Rooms Old New
3Ks Engineering Old New
Enzyme Research Old New
Andy Davey Motors Old New
Mike Thurlow Old New
Industrial Air Power Old New
Burgess World Travel Old New
ER Brown Old New
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