General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), became law on the 25th May 2018. We are currently getting many enquiries from people who are now looking at it more closely due to the attention it has received in the press this week but the fact of the matter is, GDPR has been in the pipeline for many months, in fact businesses have had a two year preparation period.

We get asked for a simple fix but this doesn’t exist as GDPR may affect your business differently to other businesses as it is specific to how you manage your information/data. Your business privacy policy along with your terms and conditions will be different to the next business.

We believe GDPR is a good thing as it will bring outdated personal data laws across the EU up to speed with an increasingly digital era. The previous data protection laws were put in place in 1995 and hasn't been able to keep pace with the levels of technological change.

For more information see the ICO website.




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