In light of the Tesco Bank hack (November 2016), in which between 20,000 and 40,000 people had their accounts compromised, website security is again in the news. Although this is a high profile case there are many more instances that happen daily and either aren't detected, aren't publicly disclosed or aren't reported on, for various reasons.

Security is a critical part of any kind of web application, and should be taken seriously, otherwise you leave your clients data in jeopardy , and that can be bad for business.

Here at One Step Design our security measures have changed to meet the changing landscape and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow. One of the major security products that we can easily and cheaply implement is an SSL Certificate. This means that all traffic between the server and the user is encrypted, and therefore someone able to view the traffic between the two systems will not be able to decrypt the information and retrieve any sensitive information. Your website visitors are now also more likely to check to see if your site is protected with an SSL certificate before entering their information.

The other benefit of using an SSL certificate is that Google have announced they will be giving a ‘small’ ranking boost to sites using HTTPS, this could result in slightly higher search engine rankings, improving your website’s traffic.

We recommend all e-commerce sites implement SSL certificates to give their users a sense of trust and security which should in turn give them confidence to make a purchase.




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