Instead of your typical meeting where members have to travel and meet at a set place, simply host your meeting online. More and more businesses are switching to online as a way to reduce costs whilst managing their time better.

Online meetings can now be hosting where attendees can either use their computer or tablet to login and be present using video and sound or simply just sound, you can also allow your members to dial-in using conventional telephone systems (just voice obviously), allowing them to take meetings whilst on the go. This form of online meetings allows for members to interact seamlessly, even when located hundreds, thousands of miles apart.

The meeting can be recorded (up to 4 hours), then downloaded as a record of your minutes. The host of the meeting can run polling to ask questions and retrieve yes, no answers as well as more complex ones.

We have used QuickMeeting for a number of clients who have had some fantastic results by streamlining their meeting process. As the presenter you have complete control of the audience interaction, multimedia and collaboration, simply upload your materials (phots, documents, spreadsheets, etc.) before the meeting and reveal them to your audience at the right time.

There’s no software to install. No matter which browser, operating system or computer you’re using, you can instantly access your meeting room or join a meeting in progress. You can also be sure that the transmission is reliable, as ClickMeeting is hosted on a cloud of servers providing optimal service at all times, no matter how often you hold online events.

Visit ClickMeter for more information, they also offer a 30 day free trial (no credit card required).




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