Changes to Google's AdWords layout CHANGES TO GOOGLE'S ADWORDS LAYOUT

Late February 2016 has seen Google remove their advertising panel for Adwords from the right hand side of the desktop search. They have added an additional 4th slot in to the top ads and moved position 5, 6 and 7 to the bottom of the page.


How does this affect your Adwords campaign?


Well, if you had your campaign setup so that you were happy to feature in the sidebar ads and not compete for the ads at the top of the page you will find that your advert has either moved to the new fourth slot, the bottom of the page or gone from the first page results alltogether. So to get your advert featured you will now have to monitor and possibly increase your cost per click (CPC) so that your advert still appears as there is now a posiblility of 7 adverts instead of 11 (creating a supply and demand situation). Other factors will affect the order of the ads, such as budget and frequency settings. It appears that the new space created on the right hand side of the desktop search will be used for 'Product Listing Ads' (PLAs) and 'Knowledge Graph Boxes'.




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