Why make your website Mobile Compatible WHY MAKE YOUR WEBSITE MOBILE COMPATIBLE

Why Your Website Should be Mobile Friendly and How To Make Sure It Is

Next time your out take a look around you, you're bound to find a number of people on their phones … iPhones, Samsungs, Blackberrys, HTC. As providers improve their networks and manufacturers their phone design and features, more consumers are browsing the web from their smartphones and tablets making it more important for businesses to make their websites compatible for mobile users.

Why Customers want Mobile-Friendly websites
While developing your mobile site you should take into account what kind of products you are selling or what service you are providing. Since mobile devices only have small screens and a different way of using moving around the website, simply shrinking the page content into the device screen won't give your customer the rich experience they will be expecting. Even if you are not selling products online, your visitors may want to know where you are and what time your open til' or a little more about your services.as built a mobile-friendly website. 
How to make sure your website is mobile friendly 
There are quite a few easy ways to make your website mobile. Many of which are relatively cheap.  If your website is built on a publishing platform similar  WordPress, there are a few plugins available that will transform your site into a mobile-friendly version when viewed from mobile device. In addition to plugins, adding a responsive layer to your website  can ensure that your single set of content looks good whatever device the website is accessed on. The only problem with this is that your website will need a little tweaking by a professional designer (but it will remove the need for duplicate sets of content for each device). Depending on the size and nature of your site it may be beneficial to have a professional audit it and provide a quote to complete a mobile conversion.
Regardless of which method of mobile compatibility you choose, its extremely important to test your site on a range of different devices and browsers. What may look good on an iPad could appear distorted on a small HTC. Given the growing trend of mobile browsing, your efforts to accommodate mobile devices will pay big dividends now and into the future.
If you would like to speak to someone about making your site mobile friendly, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.





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