How to make sure that your company receives positive online reputation
It's important to keep an eye on what people are saying about your company online as it helps to develop and grow your business.
There are positive and negative elements to online reputation. On the positive side there's relationship development which is a key part of a business succeeding or not. You can find opportunities to share other people's content and to thank them for sharing yours thus developing good business relationships after all, what starts online can easily turn into phone calls and contracts. On the negative side there's reputation management, Dealing with negative content and bad news.
If you don't monitor what's being said about you, then your business's reputation/brand could deteriorate. To avoid this you need to monitor your feedback and deal with anything negative in a positive way.
Where to start 
There are a couple of free tools you can use to track what is being said about your business, check out Social Mention  and Google Alerts. Also check out Viral Heat, it's a free tool that allows you to set up all your online channels and keywords, check daily mentions and responds in real time. What you type into Viral Heat appears on your Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter feed etc. Its a tool that can save you a lot of time. 
It's extremely important to make sure that everyone involved in updating you companies social media, also monitors what competitors are doing and that everything is analysed and reported on.
Monitoring also helps you get an understanding of what people are and aren't interested in.




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