Britain’s Got Talent – What about your Link Building Strategy?


Link building is the power house in your SEO arsenal in this new era of engagement internet marketing. The practice towers above email marketing, social media and other more established internet marketing methods to drive you search engine results. However, let’s be clear, the later techniques are far from redundant; in fact a killer integrated SEO strategy is built on a solid foundation of on-site search engine optimisation, social media, engaging content and striking website design, created for humans before web browsers. Ultimately, while keyword analysis and compelling SEO copy writing will remain the core of any search engine optimisation stratagem, successful off site optimisation in the shape of link building is the “must have” line of attack. In short, Quality links = Google love!


Link building is the process of obtaining links from other relevant webpages to your webpages. Search Engines regards these links as votes of confidence and enhances your search rankings. Nevertheless, quality of links is the “golden ticket” and not the quantity. Links from “authoritive” and “relevant” sites deliver greater impact than hundreds of ‘spammy’ links.


Consequently before we consider our link building campaign, let’s first appreciate the significance of a link and clarify exactly what a link is. The simple analogy would be to regard a link as a “vote”. When website A links to website B, website A is voting for or endorsing website B.


Not all links are created equal!


Let’s use ITV’s talent show “Britain’s Got Talent” to demonstrate the point.


Imagine the following:


Singing Contestant No. 1 has 2 votes – Simon Cowell & Amanda Holden


Singing Contestant No. 2 has 3 votes – David Walliams, Alesha Dixon & Amanda Holden


Whoop, Whoop contestant 2 is through to the next round but it looks like contestant 1 is on their way home. But no wait! Simon Cowell is regarded as an authority in the music industry and his vote has more influence, so in fact, even with only 2 votes, Contestant #1 is through with flying colours, because of the significance of Simon Cowell's vote.


For that reason it’s completely reasonable for a page with only 10 links to have a greater search engine ranking than another page with a hundred links. Quality before volume.


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