Rebel Mouse is an easy to use method of creating a page on your website that connects to all of your social media feeds and lists all of your posts in one area, the layout is fluent, clean and very easy on the eye … and its free. There are paid for 'upgrades' you can opt for but in it's basic format its free to use.


It uses jQuery Masonry layout to presents your news, posts and images in way that makes it easy for your visitors to subconsciously digest.


Once you sign up you simply connect your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more), then use the Rebel Mouse code on your own website … this can then be styled to fit in with the look and feel of your own website …. click here to see the One Step Design Rebel Mouse page.


You can view the Rebel Mouse frequently asked questions here, and if you require further help, simply drop us a line :)




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