'Cookies are used to store small pieces of information on your computer/mobile device. At One Step Design we use session cookies to give you the best experience on our websites. You may also choose to add tracking software such as Google Analytics or Social Media integration for Facebook or Twitter these may then also use cookies to track your browsing patterns and behaviours.'


New EU regulations on how websites offer the user the ability to opt out of the use of cookies came in to force on the 26th May 2012. The new rules however were changed 48 hours before this by the UK's information commissioner;


"Previously the ICO said that implied consent would be unlikely to work. Now it says that implied consent is a valid form of consent."


The use of "implied consent" shifts responsibility to the user rather than the website operator, and will come as a relief to thousands of website operators who have been struggling to comply with the new EU directives.


The BBC reported last week that the government itself was expected to miss the May 26 deadline. A Cabinet Office spokesman told the BBC last week. "The majority of department websites will not be compliant with the legislation by (May 26). The spokesperson said that the government was "working to achieve compliance at the earliest possible date" but offered no indication as to when that might be.


You can find out more information regarding this on the website. There are many opinions on this subject and here are a few links to articles that you may find useful:


If you would like advice on what steps you may need to take to make your site compliant, please contact us.




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