Google adwords GOOGLE ADWORDS

Google's adwords are a great way do drive business to your site, however there are a few rules you should adhere to to get the most of of your online ad campaign. Firstly, create a Google Adwords account then follow the setup wizard to create your advert.


Choose your keywords carefully, don't be vague, try more specific search terms to avoid attracting visitors who aren't looking for your service or product. You will get less clicks but they will be more targeted. Working out your cost per click (CPC) should be done by monitoring your account stats over the first few weeks and making small adjustments to find the right cost per keyword.


The settings for your ad campaign can now be tweaked, you can choose location to target, and by using the schedule function, which days and time of day to display your ads.


There are many tips to making your ad campaign more successfully. There are usually £30, £50 and £75  vouchers available to get you started.




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